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OpenMesh::Iterators Namespace Reference


singleton  ConstEdgeIterT
singleton  ConstFaceIterT
singleton  ConstHalfedgeIterT
singleton  ConstVertexIterT
singleton  EdgeIterT
singleton  FaceIterT
class  GenericCirculator_CenterEntityFnsT
class  GenericCirculator_CenterEntityFnsT< Mesh, typename Mesh::FaceHandle >
class  GenericCirculator_CenterEntityFnsT< Mesh, typename Mesh::VertexHandle >
class  GenericCirculator_DereferenciabilityCheckT
class  GenericCirculator_DereferenciabilityCheckT< Mesh, typename Mesh::FaceHandle, typename Mesh::FaceHandle >
class  GenericCirculator_DereferenciabilityCheckT< Mesh, typename Mesh::VertexHandle, typename Mesh::FaceHandle >
class  GenericCirculator_ValueHandleFnsT
class  GenericCirculator_ValueHandleFnsT< Mesh, CenterEntityHandle, typename Mesh::FaceHandle >
class  GenericCirculatorBaseT
class  GenericCirculatorT
class  GenericIteratorT
singleton  HalfedgeIterT
singleton  VertexIterT

Detailed Description

Contains all mesh iterators and circulators. The two classes OpenMesh::Concepts::IteratorT and OpenMesh::Concepts::CirculatorT describe the interfaces provided by all iterators and circulators, respectively.

All iterators/circulators defined in this namespace are template classes that require a mesh a template parameter. Therefore you should use the iterators/circulators that are defined by the mesh itself. See OpenMesh::Mesh::PolyMeshT for a complete list of them.

See also
The mesh docu section Mesh Iterators and Circulators for a more detailed description.