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Ruler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Ruler:

Public Slots

void setTextSize (const unsigned _size)


void updateView ()

Public Member Functions

 Ruler (BaseObjectData *_obj, const QString &_pluginName, unsigned _index)
void setPoints (const ACG::Vec3d &_start, const ACG::Vec3d &_end)
void setStartPoint (const ACG::Vec3d &_start)
void setEndPoint (const ACG::Vec3d &_end)
void setTextOffset (const ACG::Vec3d &offset)
const ACG::Vec3dpoints () const
const BaseObjectgetBaseObj ()
float textScale ()

Private Member Functions

void updateNodes ()

Private Attributes

const QString pluginName_
const std::string lineNodeName_
const std::string textNodeName_
const std::string textTransformNodeName_
ACG::Vec3d points_ [2]
ACG::Vec3d offset_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file Ruler.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ruler::Ruler ( BaseObjectData _obj,
const QString &  _pluginName,
unsigned  _index 

creates a new ruler on a given object

_objObject where additional nodes are added
_pluginNamename of the plugin
_indexthe current index of the ruler. If you create multiple rulers, you can use this parameter to avoid identical nodenames

Definition at line 4 of file

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