An Open Source Geometry Processing and Rendering Framework

OpenFlipper is an OpenSource multi-platform application and programming framework designed for processing, modeling and rendering of geometric data. Currently supported platforms are Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Using OpenMesh a variety of file formats are supported ( off, obj, ply, ... ).

Additionally OpenFlipper provides a highly flexible interface for creating and testing own geometry processing algorithms. A powerfull scripting language can be used to access all parts of OpenFlipper and modify geometry or the user interface at runtime.

For more information about OpenFlipper and its features take a look at the Introduction page.


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April 23, 2014

OpenFlipper 2.0 Released

This is a major release. New renderers, additional functionality, and many other improvements.

We added new renderers and a new renderer interface. Additionally postprocessors can be used to modify the last step of the rendering system.

The interfaces are mostly compatible to the previous versions of OpenFlipper. Incompatible changes are listed at the top of the changelog.

We also added some new plugins:

  • Memory Info (Display GPU and CPU Memory Information)
  • Components (Split Meshes into separate components)
  • Material Picker (Store and restore material settings)

Furthermore the existing plugins have been improved.

For a full list of changes please look into the Changelog

Feb. 13, 2014

OpenFlipper 1.3 Released

This release adds some new functionality.

The new poly line has been added as a data type. It can be moved across a surface, and has build in algorithms for smoothing, decimation and subdivision.

The new ruler plugin is now available and can be used to measure the euclidean distance between objects in the 3D scene. The subdivider has been extended by a Catmull-Clark algorithm for QuadMeshes and various other plugins got improvements or bugfixes. Furthermore there were various updates for gcc-4.7 compatibility and documentation improvements.

For a full list of changes please look into the Changelog

July 25, 2012

OpenFlipper now has a Facebook Page


May 15, 2012

SVN HEAD documentations available

Our CI servers now also build the documentation of the svn head on a daily basis. It can be found on the documentation page.

March 23, 2012

OpenFlipper 1.2 Released

This release adds a lot of functionality and some new plugins to OpenFlipper.

New plugins in this version are:

  • Mesh Compare: Compare distance, normal deviation and other mesh properties
  • Primitives Generator Create various primitives(Spheres, icosahedron, dodecahedron,...)
  • PropertyVis Visualize scalar or vector valued properties on meshes
  • Remesher Adaptive and uniform remeshing
  • Render depth peeling Depth peeling renderer (transparency)
  • Render Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Screen Space Ambient Occlusion renderer

  • Height field importer: Import images containing height fields as Triangle meshes

Additionally some new data types have been added: - Hexahedral meshes (based on OpenVolumeMesh) - Splat clouds

Furthermore a lot of updates and improvements as well as bugfixes have been integrated. It now builds fine with VS2010 and XCode 4.3 (clang).

For a full list of changes please look into the Changelog

March 23, 2012

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